The Salem Cable Project

The Basics


The Basics

What is the Salem Cable Project? National Grid is working to replace two underground electric transmission lines, located through a small stretch of Salem. These lines transmit electricity used by hundreds of thousands of residents and businesses in Salem and throughout the North Shore.

Why is it necessary? The transmission lines are aging, and they need to be replaced. The Salem Cable Replacement Project will install new cables in a ductbank and manhole system, which will eliminate the need to dig up Salem streets for regular repairs. The new, modern cables will also address capacity limitations and maintenance issues with the current system. When completed, the Salem Cable Replacement Project will supply safe, reliable electricity to Salem and other North Shore communities for years to come.

When is it happening? Pending approval, project construction is scheduled to begin in March 2015. The construction timeline has been designed to limit the inconvenience for Salem residents and businesses.

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